Home-made Dressings for Your First Aid Kit

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A large variety of bandages is available in the market; Self-adhesive bandages, coflex bandages, fabric bandages etc. A dressing is used for compression and protection on a wounded or injured area on the body. It controls bleeding, clears the wound from dirt, sweat and other secretions.

Your home first aid kit can also be stocked with home-made dressings. These dressings, if made with care, can be certainly as effective as the commercially available ones. The biggest advantage of these home-made dressings is that they are extremely economical. Here’s a quick guide on how to make dressings and bandages at home:

  1. Old cotton, pillow cases, napkins, undershirts and thin towel like materials can be used as the raw material for your dressing. Ideally the material should be white cotton and sterilized.
  2. The material has to be cut into small sized pieces. Before cutting, you should clean with good quality detergent. Rinse a few times to ensure that soap has been removed. After washing, dry it out completely in the sunshine.
  3. Now, the dried material is ready to be cut into desired size. The size can vary between 2-6 inches.
  4. Decide the thickness of your bandage as per the thickness of the raw material. The dressing can have 2-4 layers of thickness. All the layers should have the same thickness for a neat look.
  5. The most important step is sterilization. Dressings can be sterilized by ironing or steaming.
  6. Lastly, place the bandage over the wound. Press it slightly and secure its place by means of a tape.

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