Using Feedback to Good Effect

No Comments Business

Take any given field and it would be evident that quality feedback from the user community is a strong point in the betterment of the service offered in the area.  In the case of torrents, rarely is it possible to have a system that stresses the user experience.  So to have a site that swears by the quality of service provided is of course a welcome development at best.  There are some pioneers in the field that need a mention here.

Torrent Funk

This is a site that provides a usable user comments function that sets out the performance expectation.  Any user can get to leave the experience after a download and it would definitely be counted at some point or other.  It must be said that the user community does prefer Torrent Funk for the verification status that it gets to display on the page that would indicate that it is indeed the right one.

That any torrent site must have a good enough collection to make a good mark in the file sharing arena goes without saying.  Torrent Funk does manage to score over the most participants in providing one of the most comprehensive of libraries.


For a long time people did rely on this site as the most preferred medium and there are some remnants of the old service that can at times bring clients to it.  It is for many the preferred service provider for the simple fact that it is possible to access the site from a local server address and this can at times be faster than others for a download.

Speeds do count and in file sharing it must be pointed out that the speed of download could well spell out how much of a success that a site gets to be.…