Using Feedback to Good Effect

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Take any given field and it would be evident that quality feedback from the user community is a strong point in the betterment of the service offered in the area.  In the case of torrents, rarely is it possible to have a system that stresses the user experience.  So to have a site that swears by the quality of service provided is of course a welcome development at best.  There are some pioneers in the field that need a mention here.

Torrent Funk

This is a site that provides a usable user comments function that sets out the performance expectation.  Any user can get to leave the experience after a download and it would definitely be counted at some point or other.  It must be said that the user community does prefer Torrent Funk for the verification status that it gets to display on the page that would indicate that it is indeed the right one.

That any torrent site must have a good enough collection to make a good mark in the file sharing arena goes without saying.  Torrent Funk does manage to score over the most participants in providing one of the most comprehensive of libraries.


For a long time people did rely on this site as the most preferred medium and there are some remnants of the old service that can at times bring clients to it.  It is for many the preferred service provider for the simple fact that it is possible to access the site from a local server address and this can at times be faster than others for a download.

Speeds do count and in file sharing it must be pointed out that the speed of download could well spell out how much of a success that a site gets to be.…

Guidelines for Planning an Outdoor Fundraising Event

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One of the reasons that outdoor fundraising events are becoming more popular is because they tend to be more fun. This is especially if you choose the right time of year to host these type of events. However, there are some things to keep in mind as you plan out your fundraiser. You can follow the tips provided below to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that the occasion is a success.

Obviously, the best thing that you can offer to kids is something refreshing and new. Imagine that you are able to entertain them in such a way that they are so happy with the results that they are jumping for joy. It is not that easy to make kids that happy but if you try your best then eventually you will get the results that you want. Just be fun and loving and they will cherish you for it, mark my words that this will be a great thing, something that you will not regret.

Choose the Right Time of Day

The best time to host outdoor activities is either earlier in the morning or mid-evening. This is particularly important if the event will be taking place in the summer when the sun will the warmest at around noon. Of course, if the charity bash is in the winter, then it would make sense to wait until the day has warmed up a bit. Whichever time that you do settle on, just make sure that the ambient temperature is comfortable.

Keep Your Patrons in Mind for Entertainment

Who are you targeting in terms of patrons? This is important to narrow down because it will impact the type of entertainment that you choose. For instance, if you want to draw in families, it is important to have something fun around for the kids. A fail proof idea is typically a bouncy castle hire Cambridge. The larger models can accommodate a greater number of kids and is a great way to keep the younger ones entertained.

Make Wise Food Decisions

Not all food works well in an outdoor environment, especially not those that spoil easily. If you don’t have a place to keep food properly stored or refrigerated, you should pay close attention to what you will be selling or serving. Stick with foods that do well in warm weather or that can be easily reheated.

Always Be Prepared

When you are hosting an event outdoors, you need to pay attention to the weather. It can often change quite quickly. So, in case of rain make sure there are umbrellas or shelters that people can turn to.

This is what you need to keep in mind when planning an outdoor fundraising event.…

Ownership and Slavery

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The concept of slavery is loosely understood as ownership of people. Dr. Jonathan Brown poses a question, what does ownership really mean? In generic law, people think of ownership as a bundle of rights. Right to use, Right to control, Right to destroy and Right to sell off. Sometimes an owner has all of them, sometimes there are restrictions and sometimes the owner has only a selected few of them.

In his lecture – Jonathan Brown Slavery on Problem of slavery, Dr. Jonathan Brown explains using a very comprehensible example. He points out that we would probably not think of kids owning their toys, since they are clearly not it control of them ideally. But children all over DO legally own their toys. They OWN the toys we give them. It is understood that a toy when given with the intension of gifting belongs to the person whom you have given it to. But here, their ownership is not complete, since their right to use them is ideally controlled by their parents. Ownership is as much about relationships as it is about exercising real control. As the famous historian Orlando Patterson points out “Who and what we say we own is really a matter of our customs and manners”. Modern parent would gasp at the notion of owning our children. But from the Roman period to the medieval period in Europe, parents could and did sell off their children as slaves to creditors in order to pay their debts. Moreover, poor parents abandoning their children was a regular source of slave markets in Europe. Yet all these children originally started off as technically free in a legal sense.

The same followed for a wife and husband and all the labor they have put in to make the marriage which eventually painfully comes out during a divorce. But no one ever speaks of marriage as an ownership but a relationship. Conventions in early imperial China were very different. There, husbands regularly listed their “Free” wives as property in their will bequeathing them to some friend.

Hence, we get back to the question that Dr Jonathan Browns raises and concludes, that ownership is not a very convulsive definition to understand slavery.…

The Most Suitable Occasions to Wear a Suit

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One thing that all men need to understand is that you cannot wear a suit everywhere you go. Of course, you can – but you need to know it won’t find might certain occasions. Therefore, you need to know when to wear a suit and when not to. The following are some such occasions which definitely require a suit.


Although you might not be a groom or even the best man, it is still important for you to wear a suit for a wedding. This is not only because it is the general dress code for a wedding, but it also because it is quite a formal wedding. Of course, there is no need for you to wear anything expensive since everyone will be wearing a suit. While it is possible for you to wear a navy blue or maroon suit, a black suit will do just fine.


Although these are quite depressing, it is still important for you to wear a suit for a wedding. The main reason why men wear suits to funerals is to show their respect to the deceased. You cannot just walk into a funeral or a memorial service in a pink t-shirt or beach shorts. Therefore, make sure to have a good suit in your wardrobe. You can buy such good suits at four piece suit.


If you want to get the job, you need to wear suit for the interview. One of the best things about suits is that conveys the impression that you are a professional. So, if you wear a suit to an interview, you can be assured that the interviewers will take you seriously. When wearing a suit for an interview, make sure to iron it before you wear it. You might also want to pair with certain accessories such as cufflinks, tie and tie pin.

There are other business occasions when you can wear a suit too. For instance, if you are going for a conference or a meeting, then you definitely require a good suit.…

Types of Bouncy Castles in the Market

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Organizing your kid’s party is nothing like arranging an ordinary event. You cannot keep the kids satisfied by offering them some champagne or engaging in celebrity gossip. Kids will look for constant sources of entertainment. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that you have something exciting for them. Listed below are some ideas you can consider.

Bouncy Castles

If you want to keep the kids occupied throughout the party, then bouncy castle hire Manchester is the best idea. If you have a bouncy castle in your house, the kids at the party will not ask for anything else. Since all the kids can get on it at the same time, make sure to have an adult to look out for them.

Face Painting

It is quite impossible to find a kiddies party without a face painting table. For some reason, children love to get paint- or mud in some cases – all over their faces. Well, if that’s what they want, then that’s what you give them. You do not have to get a talented artist for this job. Anybody who can draw a butterfly or a cobweb is qualified.

Magic Show

This is yet another fancy entertainment that kids look for in every birthday party. Unless you are qualified, do not embarrass yourself by doing the show yourself. Kids are not stupid. They know what a professional magician looks like. Therefore, hire a pro and ensure that he/she does some amazing, but safe, tricks.


The constant running, jumping and fighting can make the kids exhausted. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have the food ready on time. Do not make big courses since kids will not have the patience to sit and eat when there is a bouncy castle in the house. Thus, make simple snacks such as sandwiches, donuts, lemonade, etc.

If you are able to pull off these few essentials, you do not have to worry about the rest of the party since the kids will definitely be happy and entertained.…

How to Become a Soldering Pro in Your Town

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Soldering is not something that everyone can master. Learning this craft will definitely come in handy during many circumstances. If you learn this craft, you will be able to help out many individuals in your neighborhood. What’s more, you can develop it into a part-time business as well. By offering your soldering services, you will be able to earn a small income. The following are some things you need to know to become a pro in this craft.

Have Quality Supplies

First and foremost, you need to possess a high-quality soldering iron. It is best to use an iron that has a ceramic core. Remember that the total wattage power of the iron is not the most important factor. You need to be more concerned about the iron’s ability to recover to the right temperature once the soldering is done. If the iron does not have proper thermal recovery, then there is no point in investing your money in it.

Focus on the Solder Tip Sizes

It is important for you to ensure that the solder tip is of the right size. This is essential if you want to get a good connection. If you are working with wires, make sure that the solder tip is just as wide as the wire. It can be a bit longer or shorter, but it is best to get the same tip size of the wire.

Use High Quality Solder

When using solder for electronic purposes, most individuals purchase solder that consists of tin and lead. Most brands in the market sell 60/40-tin-lead solders. However, do know that there are other combinations available. These will solidify quickly and easily. This way, you will be able to get your work done more efficiently.

Make sure to measure amount of solder you use. Do not overuse it since it can lead to unpleasant consequences. Remember, if you use too little solder, the connection might turn out to be weak. So, get the right amount!…

Home-made Dressings for Your First Aid Kit

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A large variety of bandages is available in the market; Self-adhesive bandages, coflex bandages, fabric bandages etc. A dressing is used for compression and protection on a wounded or injured area on the body. It controls bleeding, clears the wound from dirt, sweat and other secretions.

Your home first aid kit can also be stocked with home-made dressings. These dressings, if made with care, can be certainly as effective as the commercially available ones. The biggest advantage of these home-made dressings is that they are extremely economical. Here’s a quick guide on how to make dressings and bandages at home:

  1. Old cotton, pillow cases, napkins, undershirts and thin towel like materials can be used as the raw material for your dressing. Ideally the material should be white cotton and sterilized.
  2. The material has to be cut into small sized pieces. Before cutting, you should clean with good quality detergent. Rinse a few times to ensure that soap has been removed. After washing, dry it out completely in the sunshine.
  3. Now, the dried material is ready to be cut into desired size. The size can vary between 2-6 inches.
  4. Decide the thickness of your bandage as per the thickness of the raw material. The dressing can have 2-4 layers of thickness. All the layers should have the same thickness for a neat look.
  5. The most important step is sterilization. Dressings can be sterilized by ironing or steaming.
  6. Lastly, place the bandage over the wound. Press it slightly and secure its place by means of a tape.

Easy creative ideas to decorate your bedroom wall

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Bedrooms are always our favorite place where most of our time is spent. But if your bedroom is well decorated, it will be worth living in it. Here are some of the ideas that you can easily use to give your room an attractive look.

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  • You can use cover walls in plain white canvas and draw whatever you like. No matter if your drawing is not so good, it will come out as a best contrast.
  • Use of fairy lights on a blank wall will give your room an enlightened look. Especially at night it would look more charming.
  • Using rugs only on floors in now quiet a mainstream idea. You can use the old classic rugs or off cut pieces of carpets on your wall thus using it in a creative and decorative way.
  • Adding polaroid to your wall is a great way of capturing your memories on a single wall. Also you can buy polaroid films and cameras online. It would be your real wall Instagram.
  • If you have a bundle of CDs that you don’t use any longer as all your music is now stored in your laptop or mp3 player. Then why not make the best use of CDs instead of throwing them away. You can make squares of contrasting colors e.g. black and white on your bedroom wall and add various CDs on them. If you want to paint the CDs to maintain a particular theme of a color scheme, then go for it.


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When you are going on a trip journey, one thing you carefully need to invest in is the bag you pick!

It is the most important essential and you need to choose it with extra care.

I have to hold all your stuff and keep it safe on long voyages.

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Whenever you are getting a travel bag for yourself, bear in mind these three things so that it be your best friend for a good amount of time:


Pick a water resistant material bag. As during traveling and camping experiences, your bag will have to face a lot.

Water resistant material will be sturdy and can fight the humidity.

Moreover, pick a bag with sturdy stitching and durable quality.

It is advisable to pick a bag with double lining.


Mark my words guys, this is crucial!

While purchasing a bag, along with capacity you should also focus on compartments. You will be taking a lot of stuff with you, so it is important to have it all organized inside your bag, It will save you from a lot of trouble when you need something.


You need all your stuff to be all nice safe and secure as well. Which is why your bag should have smooth but strong zips.

It should have a robust and reliable locking system, so all your material stays protected inside it.

It is something you should critically consider while investing in a travel bag.…

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Online Business

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Are you hoping to start a new online business venture? If you are, then you should take special care to avoid certain mistakes. Even some of the most experienced entrepreneurs can make mistakes so it pays to know what you should be avoiding. Here are a few such errors to be mindful of when you start your new project.

Not Being Unique

Unless you have a product or service that offers something that has never been offered before, you are definitely going to have a lot of competition. There is no point in trying to provide something generic because it will not earn you a cent. You have to give the public a reason to choose your product or service. You can certainly market something that has been marketed before, as long as you give it a unique spin or add something new that will draw attention.

Not Having a Vision

Entrepreneurs like Haroon Qureshi stress the importance of having a vision. You need to know what you want, but having a goal is not enough to help you get where you want to go. Envisioning the steps toward the goal is also key to your success. You also need to have realistic expectations. Just because the world of the internet is instant this and instant that, it does not mean your business will take off overnight too.

Not Utilizing Resources

Resources are not just limited to raw materials, it refers to humans. You should make use of your contacts as much as you can. Moreover, seek advice from the more experienced and successful contacts and acquaintances you have. You should not make the mistake of trying to do everything by yourself. The support and information from fellow entrepreneurs is indispensable, especially to the novice. Work with other businesses so that you can benefit from their clientele and they can benefit from your services or products.

While there are several more mistakes online business entrepreneurs fail to avoid, avoiding these three can help you initialize a far more successful and smoothly-run project.…